Financial Art and Collectible - the Million Dollar Bill Uncut Sheet

Unique and Rare Work of Financial Art, this is an Authentic, One-Time-Only, VERY Limited Edition Financial Collectible.

   A most unique and rare
work of Financial Art, this rare, authentic issue artwork, printed by the world-renowned American Bank Note Company, is available as a Financial Collectible.

    Only 700 of these million dollar bill uncut sheets exist in the world. Fewer than 30 remain available to serious investors only.
Get your Ultimate Collectible masterpiece today, before the next scheduled price increase.

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this unique Financial Art
Ultimate Collectible
will include...

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The book that tells the amazing, but true story behind this Limited Edition, Ultimate Collectible.
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Sophisticated Anti-Counterfeiting Techniques and Currency Grade Standards (including Latent Images, Microprinted Inscriptions, Invisible Iinks and more) were used in the printing of this hi-tech collectible work of financial art.

million dollar bill bullet 2 With each of the next 10 uncut Million Dollar Bill sheets sold, we will include a portable UV light and 10x magnifyer for viewing the hidden details embedded in every sheet.
million dollar bill bullet 3 All sheets are signed and include a numbered Certificate of Authenticity for this ultimate financial collectible. All bills on every sheet are Individually Serial Numbered and are unique.