Financial Art and Collectible - the Million Dollar Bill Uncut Sheet


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Imagine having the
daily inspiration of the
original and authentic Million Dollar Bill Uncut Sheet Financial Art Collectible in your
home or office...

The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill Limited Edition Uncut Sheet, is an authentic and rare work of Financial Art created in 1988 by the American Bank Note Company. It's production and printing utilized the highest quality Currency Grade Standards of design and printing, making it a sophisticated and popular Unique Financial Collectible.

Produced in a strictly Limited Edition of only 700 Sheets, with all the plates destroyed to prevent further printings, it has become internationally famous and in great demand amongst discerning Art Investors and Collectors. Each Sheet is Individually Signed and Numbered by the Artist/Designer, Tari Steward, and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, which ensure that it is the Genuine Limited Edition Art.

Many hundreds of successful people around the world now enjoy owning this Financial Art, because of its renowned Uniqueness, Rarity and Authenticity. When custom framed for your office or home, this impressive Art Collectible becomes an Unforgettable Conversation Piece, and a constant reminder of your Financial Success, as you watch your "Unique Investment In Financial Art" continue to appreciate in Price/Value.

After 12 years of successful marketing, this One-Of-A-Kind Financial Art Creation has proven to be a Unique Investment, based on its 1,750% Appreciation in Price/Value already, and an additional 3,000% Appreciation scheduled for the last Uncut Sheets remaining unsold in the entire Limited Edition.

A limited supply of Uncut Sheets remain at the current price (unframed). When these are sold, the price increases and continues to increase per the Official I.A.M Price and Value Appreciation Schedule.

On to the Exciting Details of the Million Dollar Bill Uncut Sheet.

Framed uncut sheet - small view

The ABNC has over 200 years of experience in designing and printing the highest quality Currencies, Stocks, Bonds and other Certificates of Value. They have provided these services for thousands of companies and the national governments of virtually every country around the world. Among the handful of banknote printers in the world today, the ABNC is and always has been recognized as
the best in its field.

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