Financial Art and Collectible - the Million Dollar Bill Uncut Sheet


The International Association of Millionaires

The Official Description of the I.A.M. is:
"A Worldwide Fellowship Of People With
A Positive Attitude Who Are Motivated By Success"

The Official Purpose of the I.A.M. is:
"To keep the American Dream alive and heighten the awareness of Freedom around the world by strengthening the Free Enterprise System and your Personal Financial Success"

The Official Motto of the I.A.M. is:

In April of 1987, Tari Steward, the Artist/Designer of The I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill, founded the International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.) with the Million Dollar Bill being the Official Certificate Of Wealth for this unique group. Since the beginning of the I.A.M. idea, Tari (as he is known professionally) has invested an abundance of creative imagination into the I.A.M. concept, which has resulted in the design for a very large, exciting and powerful group composed of people who have achieved Financial Freedom, and those who want to.

The I.A.M. Membership Program is based on the ownership of an I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill, and it is open to Members from any country in the world. The Official Membership Identification Number is the serial number on the Member's I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill. There are now many hundreds of thousands of I.A.M. Members in over 40 countries around the world, and they are all awaiting the formal launching of the Official I.A.M. Membership Program.

The Official I.A.M. Membership Program will be launched once all the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills and the Limited Edition Uncut Sheets are sold out, and Tari's book,
The $1,000,000 Adventure - is published.

A limited supply of Uncut Sheets remain at the current price (unframed), and when these are sold, the price increases and continues to increase per the
Official I.A.M Price/Value Appreciation Schedule

The Registered logo of the International Association of Millionaires


Tari Steward, Founder of the I.A.M with the world-famous Million Dollar Bill.

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